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Hi, I'm Adam.

I’m a multi-discipline designer, digital marketer, business owner, and investor passionately working to make the web better since 2002.

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About Me

What I Do

A Marketer That Designs,
A Designer Who Codes

I work with organizations to tighten up every detail of their branding strategy and approach. From startups to established companies, my attention to detail brings market recognition to your most valued asset.

Design & Development

If I can find a way to make it look prettier, cooler, or operate better, I most certainly will. Design is my first love. I enjoy trying to find creative solutions to user problems and increase their efficiency and overall satisfaction with their work.


A close second love, nothing impacts an organization or a cause like strategic digital marketing. I'm passionate about consistent results-driven marketing and work hard daily to generate new traffic (and leads) for my clients, businesses, and partners.

Who I Am

Me at a Glance

  • Born in Chicago (die hard Chicago sports fan)
  • Now lives in Orange County, California
  • Closet full of (awesome) sneakers
  • Passionate, hard-working, driven
  • Obsessed with great design and marketing


I'm fortunate to have a variety of educational experiences throughout my career. While I attended film school at Biola University, I also studied photography and web design at the Art Institute of California.

Since then, I've advanced thanks to my endless pursuit of new technology and learning combined with the challenging projects I take on for my clients and partners.


For me, starting a business is the ultimate creative expression. There is no more pleasing blank canvas on which to make your mark than a company.

Some paint, some draw, some sculpt all because they have no choice. To these driven creatives, their art is as vital as breathing. I'm no different. Starting, leading, branding, and marketing businesses are all how my creativity manifests.

Need help with a project?

I'm always on the lookout for my next exciting design and marketing project. If you have a startup or organization doing exciting work and need an extra hand, let's connect.

Work w/ Me

Past Brands Include

"Adam Weitz is a highly motivated professional with global business acumen. He has a deep understanding of the role that marketing plays in a total business strategy making him a prize for any growing organization. At the top of his many talents, you’ll find his ability to conceptualize, communicate and then efficiently execute ideas. He’s a valuable player on any team.”

Michael Gaudette
Cornerstone Medicaid Services

"Adam is very detailed and consistent with his work. He is very passionate about what he does and the quality he puts forth."

Rick Rodriguez
C9 Ventures


Dependent Specialists

Chief Marketing Officer / Lead Designer
2014 - Present
  • Designed app serving over 1M users

  • Productivity increase 80% with UX redesign

  • Created sales app to nurture over $1M

  • Designed the company websites

  • Created the company marketing strategy

  • Developed the brand style guide

  • Oversee all app design / development

  • Clients Include: Foot Locker, Bosley, Kia Motors, Reddy Ice, City of Long Beach, Atlantis Resorts, Boston Medical Center


Lead Product Designer
2016 - 2018
  • Designed, and coded, UI of web app

  • Designed native apps for iOS and Android

  • Crafted user onboarding experience

  • Wrote and designed investor decks

  • Wrote advertising plan

  • Developed business website

  • Developed Customer Support website

  • Created brand identity and style guide

  • Created marketing and transactional emails

Sad Runner

Founder / Creative Director
2013 - Present
  • Created website with 10K+ page views monthly

  • Developed SEO bringing 7K+ users monthly

  • Grew social media reach to 10K+ people

  • Grew email list 500%+ 4 years

  • Created brand identity and style guide

  • Developed software plugins for website

  • Developed e-commerce platform

  • Developed self-serve writer platform

  • Created advertising media kit presentation


Communications Director
2012 - 2016
  • Created email campaigns to 3K people monthly

  • Developed video curriculum to train volunteers

  • Developed education website for volunteers

  • Wrote and designed investor decks

  • Managed $10K+ monthly advertising budget

  • Designed all marketing and branding materials

  • Created support website serving five states

  • Oversaw all social media and content marketing

  • Built multiple WordPress website experiences

C9 Ventures

VP of Operations
2006 - 2009
  • Helped launch company’s secondary brand

  • Helped grow from a 3 man garage operation

  • Managed 100+ employees in 3 states

  • Built the website, blog, and social accounts

  • Oversaw all product development

  • Managed accounts worth $200K+ a month

  • Developed infrastructure and procedures

  • Crafted social media and marketing strategies

  • Clients Include: Honda Center, Mighty Ducks, Heineken, KB Homes, Little Caesars

New Harbor Design

Founder / CEO
2004 - 2014
  • Started the company from a dorm room

  • Grew a remote design team in 4 countries

  • Designed global email campaigns for 100K+

  • Marketed to 6 different countries

  • Built exclusively on WordPress platform

  • Designed all marketing and branding materials

  • Managed social media and paid ad campaigns

  • Clients Included: Saddleback Church, NutraWise, LyfeStart, Century 21 Real Estate

Let's Work Together

If you have a startup or organization doing interesting work and want some support, let's connect.

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