About Me

Adam Weitz

Born in Chicago (die hard Chicago sports fan)
Now lives in Orange County, California
Closet full of (awesome) sneakers
Passionate, hard-working, driven
Obsessed with great design and marketing
Adam Weitz with Logo Hat Smiling
Adam Weitz with Logo T-Shirt

Ugh! Why do I have to talk about myself?

I've never had an About Me page that I liked. Once you get to know me, you'll realize that I find it difficult to talk about myself.

I'm not a fan of the spotlight; I'd much rather have your attention go to my work and the effort I'm known to put into projects.

Still, I appreciate that you're here, so let's learn more about me.


My mission is to devote an increasing list of talents to help other entrepreneurs and leaders positively impact our world.

Nothing makes me happier than when I use my skills, experience, and passion for a larger purpose. I'm proud to work with clients and causes that tirelessly pursue endeavors that change our world for the better.

Learn more about what I do

I'm fortunate to have a variety of educational experiences throughout my career. While I attended film school at Biola University, I also studied photography and web design at the Art Institute of California.

Since then, I've advanced thanks to my endless pursuit of new technology and learning combined with the challenging projects I take on for my clients and partners.


For me, starting a business is the ultimate creative expression. There is no more pleasing blank canvas on which to make your mark than a company.

Some paint, some draw, some sculpt all because they have no choice. To these driven creatives, their art is as vital as breathing. I'm no different. Starting, leading, branding, and marketing businesses are all how my creativity manifests.

"Adam’s driven by executing new ideas, and if you can keep up with him, you’ll accomplish a lot. He’s very goal oriented and open-minded, always looking to add new things to the mix. He cares about making a difference and needs to know his work is helping someone.”

Ron Wilbur, Founder
Adam Weitz with Logo Hat

Family Life

When I'm not staring at a screen working, I'm blessed to spend time with the sweetest daughter I could ever ask for, my incredible wife, and the most beloved dog of all-time.

The most important thing you could know about me is that I'm genuinely grateful for what I have and for those in my life who share this adventure with me.
Adam Weitz with Daughter
The kid and me 'sharing secrets,' as she likes to call it.

Common Questions About Me

Do you prefer Mac or PC (iOS or Android)?
I absolutely prefer Mac over PC, no question. I'm not here to continue that nonsense debate; I'm here to get things done, and a Mac is how I most efficiently do that with the least amount of headaches. In the same way, everything I do is on iOS. I really only use Android when I'm testing apps I design.
What programming languages do you know?
I'm primarily a frontend guy, so I spend most of my time playing with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. However, I do love WordPress, so PHP is in my bag of tricks as well. I'm also currently learning to code iOS apps (Swift).
How many clients do you have?
I try to have no more than five clients at any given time because I pour so much of myself into my work. Each client comes with so many individual projects combined with my high level of involvement; things just don't scale well. I'd rather have a handful of clients to focus all my energy on than hundreds who I barely know their names let alone the nuances of their marketing needs.
Are you on Social Media?
Barely. If I can stay off of Social Media, I certainly try to do so. That said, I have accounts on all major platforms, and I post content to most of them. I'm just not a significant consumer of Social Media. (You can find links to all my active accounts by visiting the Contact Me page.)
What is your favorite movie?
Pulp Fiction and The Godfather are my all-time favorite films; however, I don't watch those regularly. I spend most of my workdays with lighthearted movies playing in the background, so Comedy has to be my favorite genre these days. Old School and Superbad will always have a special place in my heart.
Do you have any hobbies?
My wife and I love to standup paddle-board and hike with our daughters (the human one and the furry one). When I need a break from work, I enjoy gardening to relax my mind and video games to keep it busy. I also have various side projects I work on, which allows me to stay creative without doing 'work.' Lastly, our family adores sports, so if you come by, you'll most likely see the TV tuned to a game.