Slashing Costs by 85% with a New Platform

Slashing Costs by 85% with a New Platform

"Wow, the site is both beautiful and easy to maintain...finally!"


For over a decade, DSI has provided verification solutions to companies to tighten their employee benefit costs and remain compliant with government regulations. DSI's dedication to exceptional customer service and outstanding reputation makes it a dependent verification space leader. My role at DSI started as Chief Marketing Officer and Lead Designer. I've since moved into finance and operations as well.

The previous website, built on WordPress, became cumbersome to operate and a chore to market. Multiple content types were competing in the single "blog post" space. Users were never sure how or where to place them. The excessive premium plugins made for much slower than ideal load times and a high monthly cost. Even more, the landing pages became such a pain to develop within the WordPress architecture that the site's sales pages were ultimately run on Unbounce, a leading landing page builder. We were again increasing the operating costs. We needed a Content Management solution that we could customize to meet our needs while also allowing us to streamline the landing pages and speed things up for SEO. That's when I discovered Webflow.

Project Goals

A large national brand with a consistent online presence requires a website that not only looks good but can keep up with modern digital marketing challenges and diverse content needs. I worked on the WordPress platform for over a decade but never felt it could do everything I needed. With each project, I became increasingly frustrated at the long development timelines, lackluster options, slow load times, bloated code, and inability to customize multiple content types without using plugins. Plus, it was never friendly for my end-users and other marketers I worked with on projects. In short, I felt there had to be a better way to create large-scale marketing websites for my clients and businesses.

Project Details

My process with any website project is all about content. What types of content are we using, and how can I load that dynamically throughout the site? The DSI website remodel was no different. There are standard blog posts and resources, but I also wanted to dynamically load testimonials and client logos. Webflow made this easy. I created a new CMS collection within Webflow and designed the pages to call that data on page load randomly. If it sounds easy, it's because it really is that easy. I even load the lead generations dynamically in the CMS using external forms inserted into the code.

DSI CMS Collections
Content architecture is easy to develop in Webflow CMS
DSI Client Logos
Content types like individual client logos load dynamically and randomly throughout the site

DSI offers many products and utilizes a lot of pages in its outbound marketing approach. Reusable content is straightforward in Webflow and used throughout the site allowing me to iterate pages quickly and keep them consistent with the rest of the site.

While Webflow developed the platform to empower the "no-code movement," I know how to code and have extensive CSS knowledge, making the development even faster. I learned the platform fast and quickly got it to do what I wanted it to do.

Further, not having to hunt and peck through PHP code for hours on end sped things up and even made building this website fun again. We were able to concentrate on design and content for a change instead of just working with the bare minimum in WordPress.

DSI Home Page
The new DSI homepage boasts multiple content types and reusable pieces


The new website is actually a joy to maintain now. We can launch new landing pages quickly without bending or breaking WordPress code. There is so much versatility in content types that we're expanding our marketing finally. It's user-friendly, looks better, loads faster, has better SEO, and all for 85% less cost than the previous version.

This project was a massive win for the company, our marketing, our content architecture, and an enormous leap forward in my ability to actually enjoy developing websites again. I couldn't have achieved even half the site I conceived had I stayed with WordPress. I'm now a big fan of Webflow and am currently working on the platform exclusively.