FlexPic Branding

Awhile back I conceptualized and designed the branding for FlexPic, an app that help users organize all their photos online regardless of platform.

FlexPic Branding
FlexPic App Branding Colors
It was important to maintain a current style guide, especially with this many colors.
FlexPic Branding Icon

For the initial launch of FlexPic, I covered a variety of responsibilities:

  • I designed and coded, the initial UI of the web app
  • I designed native apps for iOS and Android
  •  I crafted the user onboarding experience
  • I wrote and designed the investor and advertising decks
  • I developed the business and customer support websites
  • I created the brand identity and internal style guide
  • I developed all marketing and transactional emails

Overall I was proud of how FlexPic's branding turned out. It fit the overall theme and tone we were going for from the beginning.

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