Sad Runner T-Shirt Designs

T-shirt design is so much fun. I love the challenge of simplifying a concept so that it works on a shirt. Here are some shirts I designed for Sad Runner.

Sad Runner T-Shirt Designs

I enjoy t-shirt design but don’t get the opportunity to do it nearly enough for my liking. That’s why I got excited when we started to develop an online store at Sad Runner. This store means I get to do all the t-shirt design and graphics I want.

Even more, t-shirt design is a challenge in understanding your target audience. If you design something you like, but it falls flat with the consumer then you must go back to the drawing board.

With Sad Runner, I wanted to create designs that were motivational in nature while also keeping with current trends to keep the design popular. No small task.

Currently, we’re testing each t-shirt design using a direct to garment printer that allows us to order small quantities. However I expect, if the shirts sell well, we’ll start to order custom productions which will give me even more options for design and graphics placement.

I thought the initial t-shirt design concepts turned out great. However customers will be the ultimate judge of whether I got it right or missed the mark. Still, I’m looking forward to coming up with future concepts to try out.

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